Websearch.searchoholic.info Keeps Redirecting You – Browser Hijacker Removal

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“When I first saw the interface of Websearch.searchoholic.info, I took it slightly. I thought it was the most widely used search engine Google Chrome. Before I was redirected to certain domains for a couple of times couldn’t I realize that I was controlled by the page. Since I don’t know much about computers, I really need your help. Detail removal instructions will be welcomed the most. Anyway, any of your suggestions will be appreciated.”

What is Websearch.searchoholic.info?

Websearch.searchoholic.info comes to your PC as a website with a Google like icon. The difference is that it has ads on it. And those ads are really attractive. Sometimes it just promotes some unwanted programs. But you should not take it slightly. It’s actually classified as a browser hijacker which can keep redirecting you to its pages. Let’s have a look at it.

Screenshot of Websearch.searchoholic.info

Here are some of the symptoms of this infection

  • It acts as a browser add-on, browser helper object (BHO), or extension to your browsers. So you can go to your browser and check if it’s there.
  • You may notice that some basic settings of your browser have been changed.
  • Unwanted ads start to show their footprints on your PC.
  • Websearch.searchoholic.info keeps redirecting you to certain pages. Even when you click random search results can’t you avoid it.
  • Some of the functions of your anti-virus program have been limited.
  • You try to figure out this problem with your anti-virus program, but your freeware says your PC is safe.

If you leave Websearch.searchoholic.info alone on your PC, you may have to bear all of these

  • Lots of ads pop up to you. If you don’t remove the hijacker, you can hardly start using your computer.
  • You have to play with a clumsy machine with slow network.
  • You can’t go to your targeted webpage. When trying to search, you’re always blocked by it. Even you type in the URL to search can’t you get to your pages.
  • The changes on your browser and your PC may make you uneasy.
  • It can allow third parties to get access to your confidential information. Your privacy may be divulged and abused.

The end

After reading all the information above, you may want an effective method to remove Websearch.searchoholic.info. Since this infection is similar to the notorious browser hijacker taplika.com, we are more inclined to provide its related information.

To delete taplika.com redirect, please click here to get the detail removal instructions: